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Our branch of the tree from 1630 to Present (2007)

Alexander Edwards came from a border town in Wales to Newtowne (Cambridge), MA about 1630. From Newtowne he came with the Rev. Thomas Hooker party in 1636 to the Connecticut river country and settled in what is now Springfield, MA, his home lot being on the west side of Main street below State street. Here he married Sarah (Baldwin) Searle, the widow of John Searle on April 12, 1642.

Note: Many published family histories indicate that Alexander came from Wales in 1640. Since the article "Ancient Days Recalled" published October 31, 1910 in the Hampshire Gazette, tells of Alexander being part of the Rev. Thomas Hooker party that left Newtowne and traveled west in 1636, the 1630 date of his arrival from Wales is more logical. A search of the ship lists for the period 1630 to 1640 do not list an Alexander Edwards. It should be noted, however, that a large number of persons arrived in New England in 1630 and that many of the passenger lists have never been found.

The records indicate that in 1651 Alexander gave evidence in the witchcraft trial of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Parsons.

Alexander and Sarah came to Northampton, MA in 1655 and were among the original settlers there. They became prominent members of that community. The house and home lot of Alexander was the westerly one of two located on Main street between Pleasant and Hawley streets. The house was of logs. Here he lived for five or six years when he sold out and moved to the present (1910) site of Plymouth Inn. Early Plot Map

Here he opened a street now called Green street to and beyond Mill river which was crossed by fording for many years. By vote of the town he was allowed to maintain a gate at the entrance to the road so that he may cultivate his land. The ford and later a bridge were called "Welch End" since the Edwards family were all living in that vicinity and were Welchmen originally. The laying out of this street is the first recorded layout in the town and upon it was maintanined a grist mill.

Alexander was part owner of the mill and an old record indicates that in 1662 he contributed eight pounds of flax to Harvard College.

Alexander died September 4, 1690 along with 48 other members of the town in the epidemic of "Agues and Fevers" during the winter of 1690-91. Sarah died on October 3, 1690.

Note: The "Northampton, MA - Deaths in Vital Records to 1840" list the death of "Goodwife Edwards" on October 3, 1690. It was probably Sarah since she is not listed elsewhere on the list.

Alexander had the following children:

  • Samuel (b. March 7, 1643) (d. April 13, 1712)
  • Hannah (b. February 18, 1645) (d. September 11, 1690) (m. Samuel Davis 1668)
  • Joseph (b. August 8, 1647) (d. September 21, 1690)
  • Mary (b. January 20, 1650) (d. ) (m. John Field 1670)
  • Benjamin (b. June 24, 1652) (d. October 31, 1724)
  • Sarah (b. November 21, 1654) (d. ) (m. James North 1677)
  • Nathaniel (b. June 25, 1657) (d. October 3, 1731)
  • Elisabeth (b. February 22, 1660) (d. 1690) (m. Samuel Clark 1681)

Samuel Edwards married Sarah Boykin, the daughter of Jaruis Boykin of New Haven on May 16th, 1675. Samuel died on April 13, 1712. Sarah died on August 15, 1724.

Samuel had the following children:

  • Samuel Jr (b. March 26, 1676) (d. March 8, 1749)
  • Sarah (b. May 8, 1678) (d. ) (m. Joseph Pettey 1703)
  • Abigail (b. January 7, 1681) (d. April 8, 1733 ) (m. Willian Holton 1706)
  • Hannah (b. June 6, 1683) (d. ) (m. Eliphalet Pardee 1703)
  • Nathaniel (b. October 21, 1685) Nathaniel was killed by Indians on August 26, 1724 near Bartlett's Mill.
  • Ruth (b. April 26th 1688) (d. May 24, 1724 ) (m. John Keet 1719)

Samuel Edwards Jr married Mercy Pomeroy on December 9, 1708. Mercy died on April 17, 1712. Samuel Jr then married Sarah Pomeroy from Cochester. Samuel Jr died on March 8, 1749. Sarah died in 1751.

Samuel Jr had the following children:

  • Mercy (b. February 5, 1711) (d. ) (m. Benjamin Bartlet 1749)
  • Sarah (b. March 19,1715) (d. ) (m. Reuben Wright 1739)
  • Samuel III (b. September 12, 1716) (d. May 19, 1784)
  • Miriam (b. May 4, 1718) (d: 14 March 1797)
  • Hannah (b. April 23, 1720) (d. November 5, 1738)
  • Noah (b. June 6, 1722) (d. September 3, 1805) Noah's son Justin was a prominent minister of his time, preaching in Andover, Boston and later was president of the Theological Seminary in New York City.
  • Phebe (b. January 19, 1724) (d. )
  • Medad (b. May 6, 1726) (d. August 22, 1806)
  • Nathaniel (b. January 1, 1729) (d. October 4, 1792)

Samuel Edwards III was a soldier under General Pepperell and took part in the taking of Cape Breton in 1745. He married Catherine Clark (b.1723) (d. 1803) and moved to Southampton in 1853. He taught school (without tenure) for "forty winters". In 1766 he was chosen Deacon of the Southampton Congregational Church. Samuel III died on May 19, 1784. Catherine lived on to the age of 80 and died on April 19, 1803.

Samuel III had the following children:

  • Hannah (b. July 10/1748) (d. )
  • Catherine (b. November 2, 1750) (d. January 2, 1836) (m. Lemuel Colman 1772)
  • Samuel IV (b. June 9, 1753) (d. August 12, 1842)
  • Luther (b. May 3, 1756) (d. May 10, 1834)
  • Elisha (son) (b. October 23, 1758) (d. November 17, 1832)
  • Mercy (b. January 14, 1761) (d. September 1, 1777 at age 17)
  • Asenath (b. Sptember 10, 1767) (d. 1777 at age 10)

Samuel Edwards IV was a corporal in Wahington's army at Cambridge. In 1779 he returned to Westhampton and cleared land for a house. He married Silence Judd on June 14, 1780. Samuel IV was chosen as deacon of the Westhampton church anound 1788. He was town treasurer from 1784-1793 and from 1807-1810. He was Selectman of Westhampton in 1793, 1795, 1798, 1799, 1804, and 1805. Silence died on September 9, 1839. Samuel IV died on August 12, 1842.

Samuel IV had the following children:

  • Mercy (b. September 21, 1781) (d. March 26, 1786 at age 5)
  • Silence (b. July 30,1784) (d. 1864) (m. Enoch Lyman 1804)
  • Samuel V (b February 18, 1787) (d. September 25, 1869)

Samuel Edwards V married Betsey Ludden of Williamsburg on November 15, 1810. Betsey is a descendant of John/Priscilla Alden of the Mayflower and the Plymouth Colony. Samuel was Selectman of Westhampton in 1815, 1818, 1819, 1824, and 1825, the town treasurer from 1827 to 1838, and the town representative in Boston in 1828. Betsey died on 25 September 1867. Samuel V died on September 15, 1869.

Samuel V had the following children:

  • Maria (b. October 16, 1811) (d. ) (m. Hillman Thayer)
  • Asa C. (b. August 20, 1813) (d: 21 April 1900)
  • Samuel F. (b. July 29, 1815) (d. May 5, 1836 at age 20)
  • Betsey (b. November 12, 1817) (d. February 12, 1897)
  • Eli L. (b April 28, 1820) (d. 1893)
  • Ferdinand W. (b. May 25, 1822) (d. July 1, 1860)
  • Almeron (b. July 28, 1824) (d. )
  • Theopilus (b. November 9, 1826) (d. February 19, 1907)
  • Sarah V. (b. April 10, 1830) (d. January 24, 1899)
  • Henry B (b. September 29, 1832) (d. )

Eli L. Edwards married Susan Hannum of Huntington, MA on November 25, 1842. He lived at Huntington for a time where two of his children were born. Eli was deacon of the Huntington Congregational Church. Susan died in 1846. After the death of his wife, Eli married Julia Forbush of South Deerfield. In 1857 he moved to Bellevue, Ohio where he lived until 1889 when he moved with his son Caleb and his family to Manchester Township, IL where he died of paralysis in 1893.

Eli L. had the following children:

  • Caleb Hannum (b. May 18, 1844) (d. May 1929)
  • Susan Hannum (b. March 14, 1846) (d. )
  • Julia (b. 1 August 1853) (d. )
  • Rufus (b. ) (d. at age 4)

Caleb Hannum Edwards married Sarah Ann Quick of Bellevue, OH on October 18, 1868. (Sarah was born in Summersetshire, England on December 12, 1847.) Caleb lived in Bellevue until 1889 when he migrated further west and settled in Manchester Township, Boone County, IL (near Beloit, WI). A quote from a news article of the time "We learn that the train on which Hannum Edwards went west with his household goods was wrecked, but he and his property received no injury." When Caleb and Sarah celebrated their 55th anniversary, Caleb at the age of 80 said that he is still able to ride the plow and reaper on the farm. Caleb died in May of 1929. Sarah died in 1933.
[photo] [photo] [photo]

Caleb Hannum had the following children: [photo]

  • Mattie (b. July 27, 1873) (d. July 14, 1959) (m. Burton Thomas 1896)
  • Charles E. (b. June 25, 1875) (d. April 4, 1955) [photo]
  • William H. (b. February 22, 1878) (d. April 5, 1957)
  • Susan A. (b. August 8, 1882) (d. ) (m. Robert Porter 1902)
  • Alvin Leroy (b. January 6, 1886) (d. December 26, 1928)

Charles E. Edwards married Minnie Turner on October 26, 1898 in the home of the brides parents Mr. and Mrs. Watson Turner. In 1905 he moved his family by train to a farm in Wood County WI, southeast of Arpin. On October 24, 1906, Charles and Minnie became members of the Presbyterian Church in Arpin. Over the years, Charles was trustee, clerk, and then an elder of the chruch. He was also a member of the Crescent School Board. Minnie was a charter member of the Ladies Aid Society that was formed on May 12, 1912. Minnie died on March 17, 1952. Charles died on April 4, 1955.

Charles E. had the following children: [photo] [photo]

  • Florence Ardis (b. August 4, 1899) (d. March 4, 1984)
  • Walter Leroy (b. December 3, 1900) (d. February 29, 1908)
  • Orrin Eugene (b. May 14, 1905) (d. October 19, 1972) [photo] [photo]
  • Mae Eloise (b. April 11, 1908) (d. October 4, 1983) (m. Ray Brody )
  • Winnifred Harriet (b. September 30, 1910) (d. October 3, 1971) (m. Ernest Nelson )
  • Charles Stanley (b. May12, 1914) (d. October 29, 1989)
  • Genevive Ruvella (b. March 15, 1918) (d. 10 July 1997) (m. Fred Bender )

Orrin Eugene Edwards married Evelyn Margaret Anderson on October 26, 1929 [photo] [photo]. He lived for a time in Wood County where his two sons were born. Orrin Eugene was the first of this family line to leave the farming life when he moved to Marshfield, WI to work for the Roddis Lumber and Veneer company. In 1944 he moved his family to Racine, WI to work for the JI Case company. [photo] [photo] He was with the Case company until his retirement in March of 1969. In May of 1969, Orrin and Evelyn moved to the warmer climate of Cape Coral Florida. Orrin Eugene died of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis on October 19, 1972. Evelyn lived on in Cape Coral for more than 30 years and died on February 24, 2004 just past her 96th birthday.

Orrin Eugene had the following children: [photo] [photo]

  • Orrin Samuel (b. December 26, 1933)
  • David Charles (b. November 24, 1937) [photo]

Orrin Samuel Edwards met and married Yolande Catherine Corrie [photo] while he was serving in the United States Navy on the British Crown Colony of Trinidad in September of 1956.
[photo] [photo]   (Corrie Family History)

Orrin and Yolande returned to the United States in 1957 and Orrin graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1960 with an Electrical Engineering degree. They then moved to Long Island, NY where Orrin worked for several companies, and retired from the New York Telephone Company in December of 1992. In 2005 Orrin and Yolande moved to quieter surroundings in Northern Nevada, settling at Canyon Vista in Eastern Sparks. [photo]

Orrin Samuel had the following children: [photo]


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A large variety of clippings and family bible notes were also used.
Also thanks to the Forbes Library Genealogy staff for their help while visiting Northampton.


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